Supportive Housing Resources And Training

​​​Below are links to a variety of general resources and training materials.  The information provided below is not grant specific.  For grant related information, please see the specific grant program page.


Continua of Care (CoCs)/Local Homeless Coalitions (LHCs) 

Continua of Care/Local Homeless Coalitions are groups made up of agencies, non-profit organizations, local governments, and other stakeholders who are working to provide services, support, and housing to individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness.​  There are 4 HUD-recognized CoCs: Milwaukee, Dane, Racine, and the Balance of State.  The Balance of State covers 69 counties, and is divided into 21 groups of counties referred to as LHCs.  Find your CoC/LHC based on your county:

​​Fair Market Rates (FMR)

HUD ​Fair Market Rates (FMR) are used by many Federal and State program to set rental assistance payment standards: Fair Market Rents (40th PERCENTILE RENTS)

HUD Defintions and Documentation Requirements for Homelessness and At Risk of Homelessness

HUD Homelessness Categories and Documentation Requirements (Categories 1-4)

  • Provides an explaination of each category, describes potential client situations, and gives ​documentation examples.
Homelessness: Homelessness Recordkeeping Requirements and Criteria (HUD Exchange)
At Risk of Homelessness: HUD At Risk of Homelessness Recordkeeping Requirements and Criteria (HUD Exchange) (System for Award Management) ​ registration and the ability to show proof of non-deb​arment/no active exclusions is required for many grants.  Instructions for how to show registration status and proof of non-debarment can be found below:


Application Training

Competition for grant dollars is increasing due to the growth in the number of agencies submitting ​applications and the reduction in overall funding (COVID funding is trailing off).  To help agencies submit the best possible applications, DEHCR held a training.  A recording of the presentation as well as a copy of the presentation can be found below.​